Panaʻewa Maile Hawaiian Salt Scrub

Mai Hawaii Aku

Panaʻewa Maile Hawaiian Salt Scrub is a uniquely Hawaiian product.  Unlike most products that use artificial chemical fragrances, ACTUAL MAILE is infused into this scrub producing the sweetest natural fragrance.  Known throughout Hawaiʻi for its sweet fragrance, Maile is traditionally made into a lei and worn as an adornment. The song "Nā Lei O Hawaiʻi," boasts of the Maile of Panaʻewa on the island of Hawaiʻi.  Our Maile comes from this reknowned region hence the name of this amazing scrub.  Each scrub is handcrafted with Aloha right here in Hawaiʻi to ensure its highest quality.  We take pride in sourcing ingredients from these beautiful Islands of Hawaiʻi.  This scrub uses:

     *Authentic Hawaiian ʻAlaea Sea Salt made on the island of Molokaʻi

     *Heirloom Hawaiian strains of ʻAwa (better known as Kava) grown right here in Hawaiʻi.

     *Maile harvested in Panaʻewa on Hawaiʻi Island.

No Fillers!  All Natural!  Each ingredient was chosen for its specific benefit to leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized.


For best results, moisten your skin in a warm shower or bath.

Carefully stir the contents with a small spoon or chopstick until it becomes a singular consistency.  Because 100% organic coconut oil is used it will separate at warmer temperatures or thicken in colder.

Once it is of a singular consistency, scoop out a small amount of the scrub with either a small spoon or your hand. A small amount is optimal at first then apply it to wherever desired. In colder temperatures, leave the scrub in your hand to allow your natural body heat to warm the oil.

When you are ready, use your hand to gently scrub the product onto your skin. You can also use a dry brush when applying the scrub to your face and other areas.  It is important to TAKE YOUR TIME! There is no need to rush.  Allow the scrub to work its magic.

Once finished, simply rinse off the remainder with warm water.  Your skin should be left feeling soft and moisturized.  You can wipe any remaining oil off with a small hand towel or allow it to soak into and replenish your skin. 

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